Lenka Falušiová was born in Vrbno pod Pradědem in the landscape of the mountains Jeseníky. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of graphics art led by professor Jiří Lindovský and docent Dalibor Smutný. Her works is found in public institutions in the Czech Republic and in private collections all around the world.

Lenka take us by her large-format drawings and graphics in to the world of mountains, deep forests and rocks. An environment of melancholic landscape, mysterious and wild, where a strong cold wind blows and rain falls so often. In these forests we can get lost or encounter inexplicable phenomena. The forest where only a few people enter, who are not afraid to see what is inside.  Dramatically tangling branches speaks in a deep sound.

Lenka walks for many days on indistinct forest paths and watches only the surrounding space. In her works the forest becomes a symbol of sacred places where people can contemplate. A tree with a complex ever-changing structure isn't only entity of the nature but its becomes a thinking being with a mysterious story. Silence is also an important symbol of her work. We need silence, just as much as we need air just as much as plants need light.

If the dark is quiet the brightness moves. Somewhere deep inside the heart of the forest beats calmly.


Lenka Falušiová has been exhibiting since 2013 and has completed over 70 exhibitions. She is also a member of the association of Czech graphic artists Hollar and regularly exhibits with them, for example as a part of the Hollar Today exhibition in the Municipal House (2017). She also regularly participates in Grafika roku festival, where she won the main prize in the student category in 2015. Additionally, she repeatedly presents works at exhibitions in the Klatovy-Klenová Gallery, where she is also represented in the collection. Her other work can be found, for example, in the collections of the Municipal Library of Prague, the Východočeská gallery in Pardubice and the private ones from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Spain. Furthermore, she exhibited at Die Landschaft with the subtitle Des Böhmerwalds at the Czech Center in Munich (2017) or at Formes et Paysages in L&C Tirelli Gallery in Vevey (2020) or in DOX in Prague during Vanitas exhibion (2021).

exhibition Immersion / gallery Contemporary Czech Art in Šumperk, Czech Republic / 2022

author of text Barbora Kundračíková (Museum of Art Olomouc)

Lenka Falušiová's work is compact, complex and coherent. Rarely is it possible to say with such assurance that what we see here is an expression of a mature imagination. Lenka’s work has undergone significant development and further development lies ahead. However, there is a solid core one can lean on securely. This, I think, is what we find so attractive about it. There is a certain tension – between the form and the content, between the manner of work and what it demonstrates. After all, this exhibition is entitled Immersion and it is about immersion, however, at the same time, more than anything else, it evokes the opposite process, the process of emersion. The landscape and the landscape structures have always been a subject depicted in art. To a certain extent they are related to the evolution of man - they are connected with our sense of direction. However, beside the external space, equally often they are an impetus to explore our inner space within. On the one hand, their function is didactic, on the other hand, they are deeply romantic; they search the finest recesses of the soul for the really big, transcendent subject of art.